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Caigiees 1200W EEC

Le modèle Citycoco Caigiees est la troisième génération de citycoco.

Caigiees 1200W EEC

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New Design, New Fashion Design, we call this the Ferrari amongst the City Coco Scooters, Sleek, Quality, Ride the best. Most Popular Worldwide CityCoCo 1200W Electric Scooter

Citycoco Caigiees is version 3 of citycoco model. More manageable than the previous (front wheel thinner than the rear wheel) many options were added. It is possible to ride scooter version but also register it as a conventional scooter. The Caigiees is ideal for rental and for use without approval concern. Registered, it is considered an ideal 50CC scooter for a teenager. As a bonus a built-in alarm!

Caigiees is an evolution in our range of electric vehicles for several reasons. The first case of a hybrid electric vehicle between the scooter can roll up and the scooter.

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